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M0st frequently asked questions and answers (2023-2024)

1) How long has Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy been in existence?

19 years

2) Is Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy Accredited?

NO. Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy gained "Indiana Freeway Academy accreditation" from 2013 to 2018 with the Indiana State Board of Education. According to Indiana schoolhouse rules, accreditation is not a requirement for Indiana private schools.

3) What grade level does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy Serve?

Pre-k(3)-12th grade

4)What is the earliest age that a student has graduated and attended college?

15 years of age

5)Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy provide meals?

No. While we do not serve meals, we have incorporated a cooking class once a week that will serve for a meal as the students themselves prepare it.

6) Are there any mandates from Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy?

Every student enrolled will be required to signed a "hold harmless of Liability Clause" for incidents that are unrelated to being directly in the school setting.

7)Are COVID vaccinations or any other vaccinations mandated?

Not Currently. No vaccinations are mandated at this present time but if for any reason the CDC and/or State of Indiana mandates them, we will comply. Also, Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy is very firm in the cleanliness of the students and facilities and the overall physical health of every student. Should a student have an illness that is deemed contagious or hazardous, please understand that the student will not be allowed on site until they are released by a medical professional (release must be signed)

8) Are students allowed to bring phones to school?

Yes. Although phones are allowed, the only way they are to be visible if in use instead of a laptop or tablet. Should the phone be used for any other use during class time, the privilege to bring a phone will be immediately revoked.

9)Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy participate in the Indiana Choice Voucher Program?

No. But we are approved and fully participate in the ESA program.

10) Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy give out scholarships?

No. We work to keep our tuition rates affordable so there won't be a need for any extra assistance.

11) Are students in uniform?

Not at this current time. But in 2023-2024 the students will be back in uniform

12) Does the school offer a before and afterschool program?

No. But our normal hours from school are 9am to 2pm Monday thru Thursday and the school allows students in early as 8am and the latest 3pm

13)Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy offer Gym?

Yes. Every Friday our students have a full gym program located at the Crossroads YMCA in Crown Point Indiana. MEPA officially partnered with the YMCA in the 2021-2022 school.

14) What are the fees for a year?

A)IXL $50 per year per student (our extra digital curriculum)

B) YMCA $24 per month which does not include the YMCA monthly membership (See the YMCA for the prices)

C) Kindergarten graduation $75 due May 1st

D)8th grade graduation $175 due by May 1st

E)High School graduation $175 due by May 1st

F)Prom 7th grade and up (to be announced)

G)Cooking classes TBA

H)Entrepreneurship book $15 (one time fee 7th thru 12th grade)

I) Application fee:  Continuing students $25  New Students $50 Previous students of MEPA $250 app fee ($150 will be added towards first months tuition upon acceptance. All fees are non-refundable

J)Tuition (non IEP/Special Education) K-1 -12th grade $5000.00 per school year

                  (IEP Student Moderate additional $5000.00. IEP Student Extreme additional $13,000.00)

K)$50 fee for Iowa basic Skills exam

15) Will my child need a computer of tablet?

Yes. On and off site daily

16)What is your behavior policy?

Every student is on a 60-day probation when enrolling. Should a child be dismissed because of their behavior, the contract will be due in full. If the school should decide that we cannot help your child, then we will terminate the contract and only the current tuition for that month is due. No records will be released if there's a balance owed.

17)Do you provide transportation?


18)Will students attend Field Trips?

Yes. There will be advanced notice given and parents are responsible for the fees

19)What kind of school is Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy?

Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy is a Private Christian Non-sectarian (not affiliated with a church organization) but fully acknowledges and firmly follows the Christian beliefs and principles)

20)What are the school days and hours?

Monday thru Thursday for 9am to 2pm. Every 5 weeks student will have one complete week break

21)Describe Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy's Curriculum?

IXl is the main supplemental digital curriculum. MEPA will align the curriculum based on the state of Indiana requirements. The IXL program offers full instruction in Math, Reading, English, Math and Spanish and can be used all year long at school and at home. We also offer instruction using Howard-Gardner's Multiple Intelligence, Montessori and traditional early childhood education. Learning through film, music, cooking, independent living skills, entrepreneurship,, Business, African American studies, Writing (each student will learn to write their own book), Singapore Math, Japanese, French, History (US and Boston), Christian Education and Financial Principles.

22)‚Äč What school supplies are needed?

Each year a list will be given to every student

23) What is Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy's affiliation with the Indiana State Board of Education?

We are registered with the Indiana State Board of Education in good standing and we report attendance for each student.

24)Will you offer sports?

Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy is NCAA certified (48H) and has been since 2013. We are currently re-establishing our basketball teams both high school and post graduate (and AAU) along with adding Soccer and Cheerleading. 

25) How will I know about important information going on in the school?

1)Text 2)Email 3) Class Tag 

26) How will I pay my school fees?

1)Cash app 2) pay pal 3) cash 4) money order

27) Will the students receive report cards/transcripts and will they transfer to other institutions? 

Yes. Students will receive a progress report every 5 weeks and will show how they are progressing. As far as Transcripts for high schoolers are concerned, just as we have an option to accept documents from other institution's, other schools institutions have the same options to accept our transcripts and report cards also. Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy has graduated roughly 150 students starting from age 15 and up and 95% of the students have attended some former higher education and have even graduated.

28)Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy participate in Standardized testing"

No. MEPA will test using the Iowa Basic skills and various test preps (ACT,SAT etc) which will give a documented look at the students overall progress at the end of the school year. Testing will only monitor progress

29)What will be needed to enroll and when?

A) application B) Application fee C)recent report card and/or transcripts from school transferring from D)financial agreement E)Hold Harmless

We are a year around school, so enrollment is always open

30)Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy accept students with disabilities?

Yes. Each case is reviewed and treated individually. 

31) Does Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy accept former students?

MEPA welcomes everyone to apply, and all cases will be treated as individual. Based on how a student left will determine the acceptance in the current program.

32) Are MEPA teachers certified?

Although a certification of a teacher does not determine whether a child successfully learns or not(look at our present school systems who require all teachers to be certified), we work to make sure that we have instructors who are more knowledgeable in the area of your child's area of student and not only have experience teaching but also success, which may or may not include a fully certified teacher.


Below are some FAQs submitted by parents.

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