Summer School Enrichment 2023 Grades 1-6 Part 1 (Intro)

From the Desk of Ms. Ronda​

During my times as a young student between 2nd though 6th grade, I had the opportunity to attend summer school for 6 to 8 weeks every summer.

During the school year not only did I experience some trauma in my home, but I experienced trauma at school. I wasn’t necessarily an extroverted student, so that opened me up to being bullied and since I wasn’t as outgoing I was embarrassed to speak up when I needed help, so I was always behind.

But every year I was able to attend Summer School part time and was able to catch up on everything that I missed during the school year.

During the history of MEPA I had the motto “You don’t get summers off in Life” so I adopted the year around school approach. The students never stopped learning. It also allowed the students to graduate at 15 and 16 years old, due to the fact that the summer was considered as an accelerated semester.

During the pandemic I was privileged to use my one room (homeschool) approach and summer school experience to create a stable program for our students .

 Our students remained active even during the summer and did not have to deal with the stress of the unknown.

As I begin to receive calls and concerns about the aftermath of the pandemic, I decided to create a summer program to help students who are preparing to go back to school in the fall

Because of the summer school program while growing up, I was able to work on my weaknesses without stress and deadlines and I was comfortable enough to request help, which always placed me ahead for the new school year and gave me a confident start.

From June 19th through July 28th, Midwest Elite Preparatory Academy will offer a summer enrichment program to the community.

This program will allow students to work on their weaknesses (we also offer a program for accelerated learners) along with adding Art, Music, cooking and gym to their summer experience.

All students are welcomed to apply but spaces are limited both on site and online.

We will offer the classes between Merrillville and/or Crown Point (this will be based the number of students enrolled)

Information for enrollment will be shared on or before April 6, 2023. Enrollment is first come first served.

Thank your for your interest